IT Nation 2016

We are back from IT Nation 2016 and once again, another amazing event by the ConnectWise team- or should I say ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Sell and ConnetcWise Control!!

Just like ConnectWise, growth and change is inevitable and as we heard Arnie Bellini say in his keynote, growth is in the Cloud for the Channel.

During the event, Kent Erickson, ChannelCloud President & CEO, was interviewed by John Moore of TechTarget and agreed that that professional services revenue must now be replaced in the public cloud. Channel partners need to adjust to a new way of doing business, just as they did when learning how to package and monetize managed services. “The transition to MSP [managed service providers] has been going on for 10 to 15 years,” Erickson said. “Now, we are starting that over again to a degree with the cloud.”

ChannelCloud’s response to this need is the CloudSmart Hybrid Server. We certainly generated buzz about the CloudSmart Hybrid Server and received positive feedback and interest. We have a new website you may want to check out that is dedicated just to the Hybrid Server; you can find it at

As for IT Nation 2016, we so enjoyed seeing all of you that stopped by our booth- many ‘old’ friends (I use the term old only in reference to the length of our partnership; not age!) and met many new ones.

We look forward to IT Nation 2017!


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