Need Flexibility? Try a Hybrid Approach.

Cloud computing has been the headline for a few years now, and for a good reason: it’s where many companies are headed. However, don’t underestimate the importance of on-premises datacenters; they still have an essential role to play. Industries like banking, financial services and healthcare are generally not able to run their operations fully in the cloud, so on-premises operations aren’t going away anytime soon — if at all. Therefore, optimizing existing technology assets and investments makes sense both economically and from an innovation perspective.

A hybrid cloud approach utilizing Azure and on-prem is the best of both worlds, providing cloud access while also optimizing existing assets. Hybrid integration solutions allows you to effortlessly integrate apps, data and processes, letting your clients function with speed and agility.

Modern IT or Hybrid IT allows data and applications to reside in multiple locations and yet still deliver a quality experience for the end user. Quickly connect SaaS applications with each other and with on-premises applications using a variety of solutions as well as out-of-the-box connectors such as Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Office 365 or custom APIs.

To help your clients achieve a true hybrid environment, we have a range of cloud and on-premises technologies to choose from, including our own hybrid server. The HCX Server is a Windows Server pre-bundled with integrated core IT services designed for small and midsize businesses that operate partially in the cloud with Azure and/or Office 365. The server allows your clients to deploy, manage and integrate on-premise, private and public clouds while incorporating third-party feature rich tools needed to support hybrid users. Management benefits include a unified dashboard and flexibility of use to address common business needs such as virtual servers, DaaS, local backup, Azure backup, Office 365 and enhanced file sharing as well as more specialized solutions such as AD auditing, DNS firewall and email backup. The server, fully certified by Microsoft, is priced affordably in an op-ex model.

We offer unparalleled flexibility to design the path that’s right for you and your clients. We’re committed to planning a hybrid approach that supports all of those needs. If you have any questions about creating a hybrid environment or want to know more about the HCX Server, call us at 858-869-8550.

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