CloudSmart Hybrid Server Press Release

ChannelCloud Introduces CloudSmart Hybrid Server to address the reality of a Hybrid World

The CloudSmart Hybrid Server gives VAR’s, MSP’s and Telco’s a solution to deploy and manage hybrid cloud environments.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ChannelCloud, a leading channel-focused technology company, today announced the release of their CloudSmart Hybrid Server, a fully managed on-site device that enables small and midsize businesses the ability to have an integrated and managed hybrid environment. CloudSmart Hybrid Servers are designed for organizations that want to adopt a Hybrid IT approach to managing applications and storing data, both on-premises and via cloud services, while maintaining complete control over their security and data. Fully certified by Microsoft as an Azure certified device, the CloudSmart product guarantees the product will meet the changing needs of modern businesses.

The CloudSmart Hybrid Server incorporates cloud integration services with Office 365 and Azure, backs up to both the device and offsite, and performs disaster recovery. It also provides active directory with single sign on, security services, and visibility to all environments and services via a branded centralized dashboard. The product integrates with leading industry RMM and MSP tools and automates deployment and integration of desktop as a service. The CloudSmart server enters the marketplace with a base and business edition model that is pre-configured with high-speed compute, RAM, and storage, and is remotely managed and monitored directly by ChannelCloud. Supplementary services can be added to the server for an additional fee to expand and enhance the capabilities.

Kent Erickson, President/CEO of ChannelCloud said, “Client’s business needs are rapidly changing as they turn to cloud services at breakneck speed, while still maintaining some infrastructure onsite. Businesses must now optimize for two operating environments. We knew we needed to address this change and began immediate development of the hybrid server in conjunction with Microsoft. We performed a soft launch of the CloudSmart Hybrid Servers at several industry shows this past quarter for feedback, which has all been positive. Technology providers are saying they have no solutions to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud environment. We are now thrilled to bring to the channel a revolutionary product to address a hybrid IT world.”

ChannelCloud delivers market-ready resources, solutions, and services to channel companies enabling them to enlarge and accelerate their market reach and penetration with proven cloud and IT offerings specially designed to support their business models and markets. We specialize in “CloudSmart” with economy, easy implementation, and low risk/low commitment growth plans.

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